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How to import
BIue (75)

how do you import code from github, ive beenn trying lots of times, and still not a single thing

Answered by Coder100 (19277) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (19277)

step 1: get the link to the repo (

step 2: simply paste the URL in

Coder100 (19277)

@BIue mark as correct answer?

JBloves27 (1902)

wha lol @Coder100

when did cookie as for cycles?

JBloves27 (1902)

hm. just asking @Coder100

Coder100 (19277)

ah yes

i only ask if I haven't been marked and they said ty @JBloves27

JBloves27 (1902)

To import code from github, you can either copy and paste the code (which will take forever) or do the following:
Click Create new repl, and then click the tab that says Import from GitHub. Then enter the name of your repo, and you should be done! :)

Hope this helps!