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How to embed without code, output full screen, with

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Hi everyone, I have just started learning coding (Python, HTML, CSS).

For my current project I needed to design a website, and I chose to make a site which combined all the different games made in the first project (with Python), and made them playable on the site.

I started with Trinket, but I found the code (when embedded) would stop working after 3 or 4 inputs (I think it is because code is too long, but I am checking with their help service)

I have switched to using , and embedding with this works, but I would prefer to display just the output in full screen without the code (like I was able to in Trinket). Does anyone know how I can do that?

I did try doing it myself using Flask, Django, Web2py etc., but I'm afraid I am just not capable of doing that yet. :(

Many thanks.

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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for a repl like:

you can embed it:

do note this only applies when you open it up in the browser.

In general:<username>/<repl-name>?outputonly=1&lite=true

Read more about's removal

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Thank you to everyone who replied - special thanks to

for the advice about "outputonly". Unfortunately when I alter my link to include this, it cuts out the bottom 2 lines of the output. You can see the top of the text, but you can't scroll down to see. Is there any way to rectify this?
Edit - I found there is, just by adjusting height value. Got things exactly how I want them now, so thanks :D

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Okay so I might be late but The question I have is that once I embed and run it, It doesn't show the output window and instead it goest to the console by default. I wanna show this of to my friends who arent particularly well versed in programming so can we do something about it? Or is it just as it is?
Also, Im using Tkinter for [email protected]

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19wintersp disabled the feature because it was being abused. They made a blog post about it.

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Removed removed that feature for now. you can't output it in another screen. But you can do it for Flask, and Django still.