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How to delete account

How can I delete my account? I have been getting hacked and my repls got deleted. I want to make new account so how can I delete this one? It wont let me delete it because of this:

It wont let me scroll down


deleted account


for now, you can right click the footer and click inspect

and then delete the footer (just press the delete key)


oh wow that is a an issue lol


ok tim is going to help!


That is a bug

report it here

and btw, once it gets fixed, instead of deleting your account, change your password.

@allawesome497 this is the person I was talking about


@Coder100 I logged in with google so I dont have a password and they already deleted most of my repls.


@Coder100 ok this is my new account this time I did NOT sign in with google.


If you can still login to your old account, you can request account deletion by viewing your account and clicking the account option. At the bottom is a button to request deletion. This was answered by @Geocube101 (595)