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How to create parties/groups in a discord bot
WhyThoBro (0)

Hi, so I'm new to coding and want to make a discord bot. I want this bot to be able to create parties/groups that people can join. For example, someone types !create homework group, this will create a group that others can join with !find homework group which will show the homework group that the person created and then will be able to join that group with !join homework group. Anyone know how to do this?

WhyThoBro (0)

Hi, just still wondering if this is possible. Would appreciate any responses!

WhyThoBro (0)

Hey, anyone know how to do this? I'm still want to see if it's possible, thanks if anyone replies.

cuber1515 (56)

@WhyThoBro I have a tutorial. It doesn't have that but it has a lot about programming a bot (with python).

Hope this helps!!

Coder100 (18118)

Well, you could use dicts of arrays that store users, like this:

db = {
  '<name>': ['<user id>', '<user id>', '<user id>'],
WhyThoBro (0)

@Coder100 Cool, but is there a way to create parties in embeds that people can find and join that you know? Thanks

MatthewADev (18)

What language are you thinking to use?

WhyThoBro (0)

@2I9 Hi, I'm already using python and I have the basics set up like the bot token in secrets setup and keep alive. Sorry for that late response I was busy.