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How to create a good login, signup system with python
mkhoi (299)

I want to create a secure login and sign up so that it can save user data and stuff

JustARatherRidi (215)

To save data, you use a database. If you're doing it here on, I'd say one of the easiest ways to it is with, using Leon's client.

Look into it, and if you get stuck somewhere, I'd be happy to help. Good luck!

ash15khng (721)

You will have to use a database. I'm not really sure how you can do it, but try researching online.

mkhoi (299)

@ash15khng Also i want it to fit with replit like sometimes the tutorials include file store in the machine and i dont think replit has that kind of stuff

ebest (672)

@mkhoi it does, but the system will only work for you. is good.