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How to create a auto clicker?
FilipH (29)

Hello! After using a book as an auto clicker on a centrain roblox game (don't judge my habbits) , it has occured to me that maybe, just maybe, it's time to upgrade to an autoclicker. My only problem, I don't know how to do it in python or even if it's possible on

Thank you in advance interlectually superior coder!

a5rocks (821)

I would look into AutoHotKey.

It's not on repl, but it should do exactly what you want it to.

FilipH (29)

@a5rocks Unfourtunetley, my financial siuation limits me to a school chromebook. Is it possible to do it on Chrome OS?

a5rocks (821)

@FilipH No, sorry. Though it may be possible in python (, you will have to install python to the chromebook. However, if it's as locked down as most school chromebooks, that will be a challenge... I'll look some more for things (you should too, just google stuff like "Making an autoclicker on a chromebook") but for now nothing.

Kopamed (191)

@FilipH Do you have linux beta on your chromebook?

FilipH (29)

@Kopamed No, unfortunately not. It's a school chromebook so without any hacks or social engineering i am locked to chrome os.

Kopamed (191)

You cant make on on repl. But if you want one fast, just search up free auto clicker and download it

Baconman321 (1060)

I just want to say, I love Roblox too, so don't feel embarrassed if someone laughs at you for using it.

FilipH (29)

@Baconman321 G A M E R S, R I S E U P !

RyanCheung1 (2)

it is possible on repl, but not on python. you can do it in html,js,css
like the one i did