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How to copy paste repl (I can't find paste button)
OfirLiron (20)

How can I copy paste code from reple to Notepadd or Word

LawsonLam (0)

Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V

Bookie0 (6259)

I just wanna say (to people who code repl on iPad like me) if you want to copy a ascii drawing or text from another website, you can copy it and then paste it with this button on repl. (See screenshot)

Have a good day.

Bookie0 (6259)

Hi @CoolCoderAmin99, to copy, I don’t think that’s possible on iPad unfortunately, you’ll have to do that on computer.

Have a great day!

Bookie0 (6259)

Hi [email protected] , sorry for replying so late, I just want to say you’re welcome!

a5rocks (828)

Have you tried ctrl+c and ctrl+v (cmd+c and cmd+v if you are on OSX)?

JoshuaKing1 (66)

You can select text by dragging your cursor over the text you want, right-click, and press 'copy' too.

mwilki7 (1133)

If you're feeling a bit on the wild side you could do ctrl+a to select all text

a5rocks (828)

Now, if you are feeling really, REALLY wild, you can just download the whole repl as a .zip, extract it, and open the file you are looking for with Notepad.

OfirLiron (20)

@a5rocks Hi, How do I download rep?

JoshuaKing1 (66)

@OfirLiron Make sure to check the answer that helps on the checkmark
next to the

JoshuaKing1 (66)

Click the three vertical dots like this
and press 'download as zip'. This will come up on the bottom of the tab.
. Press the arrow the press open.