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How to compile and run C program imported from GitHub

Hi, I've just imported my own C program from my GitHub repo, when I try to press the Run button, it asks me to configure run from files. What should I do for it to compile and run?

Answered by MocaCDeveloper [earned 5 cycles]
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I always use the gcc compiler, so I'd personally create a makefile:

Then, within the .replit file, put:

To me personally this is the easiest way to fully compile the project. I always use gcc and makefiles to compile my projects


@targetfanttthat I've tried copy pasting your makefile but it gives me this when I try to run the program:

makefile:9: *** mising operator. Stop.


@moderndaymage Yes that is the normal error I always get as well! Copy the source code from a makefile I previously made and you'd be set.
Here is the link:

in this Makefile, I put src/*.c and src/*.h, you can adjust the file to fit your project.

Also, that error is still very confusing to me. I don't understand why the makefile doesn't compile, so just copy and paste the makefile I linked above to your Makefile and adjust the file to fit your needs

Also be aware that the Makefile I linked above has a few other ideals to it such like Memory checking with valgrind.

Ping me if you have any more questions or need help!


@targetfanttthat Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've copied your makefile and it finally worked. Thanks, you're a lifesaver.


@moderndaymage Anytime! And don't be sorry I don't expect responses back right away. Just ping me if you ever need help!


@moderndaymage Hi,
So, for your question:-
In .replit file
Try this:-

That's it

Hope this helps


@PattanAhmed Uh do you know how C works? It’s a compiled language for one.


@CodeLongAndPros LoL!
Yes I know...


Something like: