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How to clone/fork git repos
cheak1974 (1)

Hi Everybody,

I appreciate very much that you included the git version control to which makes repl come closer to a comprehensive Online IDE.

My question is how do I clone an existing repo from github or from bitbucket? Maybe I am missing something but as far as I understand the feature I can only create a new github repo while creating a repl.

It would be great if you could tell me how to clone a repo.



ArnavBansal (22)

Do you want to clone a git repo to an existing repl, or import a repo to a new repl?

If the former, you can use regular git commands in shell. For the latter, isn't that what the 'import repo' button do?

Hope I understand your question correctly!

cheak1974 (1)

Yeah, I was so focused on the git feature on the left menu side, that I didn't see the import button :-))

Thanks for clarification. Good to know that the git commands work in the console.