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How to be seen in the community?

Ok, so this is the second question I've asked now in the last three hours so please don't be annoyed, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about getting projects out there on replit? I love to code and have taken python courses and would love advice from big coders in the community. I would love for my repls to be seen by people so I could get more feedback and become a better coder! Anyone have any advice? I have only left one of my posts up because the other ones flopped, but the other one got three people who checked it out. It would be awesome to see one of my projects on trending just once! Thanks so much. I'm still an amateur!

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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That's the problem, don't delete your posts silly!

Be patient and post a lot, some projects might not be interesting for people, and others might. So what you want to do is post a lot.

Compare your posts with yourself, not others.


@Coder100 You're awesome, thanks!


This is the best thing I saw on Repl Talk today. @Coder100


@Coder100 Also Happy birthday!


thank you! @Junge29


wise words @Coder100


To be honest with you here:

  • Get on the Discord if you're not already and talk with some of the peeps
    • When you make a post, share it in the #share-your-repls channel (this works for some reason and I don't know why)
  • Add emoji to your post titles when you post on Share
  • Follow Tom Scott's "Awesome Graph"
    • Make your content as flashy as possible
  • Bring other community members into your posts and actively mention them if they're relevant to the Repl itself. For example, if you make "Pixel Art Creator that's really good at making cookies in particular" feel free to ping @Coder100 in the post.

Ahh, great advice! thanks! @SixBeeps


Would you mind checking out my posts at all? there's only two now. @SixBeeps