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How to add server side code to a website
Dunce (65)

Hello, how would I add server side code to a website? I already know a little bit of node.js. I just don't know how to actually add it to a website.

Answered by robowolf (549) [earned 5 cycles]
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robowolf (549)

If you know python I would suggest using Flask. Here's a link to get you started.

Dunce (65)

@robowolf Thanks! But I'm still interested in node.js

robowolf (549)

@Dunce Would this help you in anyway?

Dunce (65)

@robowolf Wait, this is using some "okta" thing, I just want to make it on Replit.

Dunce (65)

@robowolf This looks helpful, thanks.
But know that when someone asks a question on here it's usually because he/she couldn't find sufficient information from googling. So it's usually better to explain how to do something, rather than giving links.