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How to add multiple packages in a Go REPL?
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Hey everyone, new to go.
I'm having a hard time trying the packages concept I just learned.

This is the file structure I'm having:

main.go games/ maps.go


package games func PlayAGame(){}


package main import ( "fmt" "games" )

I'm trying to import the games package in main.go but I'm not able to.

So wanted to know whether packages don't work in repl here?

Thanks a lot.

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I'm pretty sure you have to put "./games"

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As of 2022 with go 1.16.7 in, both methods (bfs999 and
HackermonDev) don't seem to work.

One way worked for me is the following...

In the file structure like this:

-root(.) ---main.go ---go.mod -----mypkg -------my_pkg.go -------go.mod

where ./mypkg/my_pkg.go has

package mypkg ...

and ./mypkg/go.mod is needed with the following content to indicate the package mypkg to Go:

module mypkg go 1.16

In the UI, modify the go.mod in the Packager Files section to the following (it is actually located at ./go.mod):

module main go 1.16 replace mypkg v0.0.0 => ./mypkg require mypkg v0.0.0 // indirect

The replace directive will translate mypkg in the import line to the correct local package directory (./mypkg).

In main.go, you can now import the package using import "mypkg" and use the package like mypkg..

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This does appear to be supported now, and since I spent a long time looking for it, I figured I'd share. Thanks to @GrahamWalters on

In a file structure such as this

-root ---main.go ---pkg ------pkg.go

the local package (pkg in this case) can be accessed in main through

package main import ( "main/pkg" ) func main() { pkg.SomeFunc() }