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How to add custom domain
Owl_coder (2)

I've tried to add a custom domain several times with, but it doesn't seem to be working. I have the CNAME record with an @ in the name section, but the 48 hour wait doesn't end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I have in

CodeMaster007 (109)

Yes, I heard of it but never used it before. Is it good? @cannonthepom123

CodeMaster007 (109)

Hi! I think the problem you are facing is not with the replit servers but rather’s issue. There is this website called freenoms which also hosts domains and I was more successful with it than any other domain website. Btw, the site is not as secure so I recommend not putting any sensitive information down. I think freenoms should work, but if it doesn’t, let me know. Thanks,


Owl_coder (2)

Thanks man, I was hoping I could avoid freenom given its reputation and the fact that I already purchased a domain, but it looks like I have limited options here. Thanks for the info

CodeMaster007 (109)

There’s also godaddy. I never used it before but I heard it is pretty good. @Owl_coder