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How to add a phone number to my account?

Hello Forum members,

I have been using for a few years now. I used for it for personal, school and hobby projects.

I recently changed my email of my account to a different more official account email. A issue became when I made a typo in that new email, putting in the wrong email for my account (one that I did not have).

I noticed only a few months later, but I could not remember my password to change it. I then emailed from my official email stating that I need a password reset to change my typo email (1 letter off). I never got a response.

I then decided to create a new email under that typo email and send myself password reset. The issue because is that, you guessed it, I never got a response. The automatic password reset doesn't send my new email anything despite being tied into my account (I can even log in with it).

I then tried to email with the new typo email, and never got a response.

I am wondering how I can add a phone number to my account? When I forget my password someday in the future and can't do a password reset on my typo email, I would like to just hit a number on my phone to log in (like with google). I can't afford to loose this account due to my certification projects being on it, and I am not going to spend months chasing support emails because I forgot my password.

I know I shouldn't have to go to the forums to ask about account issues, but I get no response from emailing support for anything.

Answered by ShaneAtReplit [earned 5 cycles]
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Email me at [email protected]


@Vandesm14 Did you receive it?


@Michael_Nicol I've replied to your email. Please check you spam folder and search for "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" for my response


Replit currently does not store phone numbers, and to reset your account, you can also try directly emailing a dev, like [email protected]


@Coder100 Amjad doesn't need more emails. Ask people to send to [email protected] instead thanks!


ok thanks! @ShaneAtReplit