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How to add a live view count on HTML
PythonCoder100 (7)

How do you add a live view count on Html? I have a blog, but I want to see how many people have viewed it. Here is the blog:

Thanks, PythonCoder100

kaldisberzins (346)

Cannot guarantee you that 100% that this works, but try Just select a style of counter and copy the code into your html.

PythonCoder100 (7)

@kaldisberzins Alright, Thanks! It worked perfectly!

homeexpertexper (0)

Nice advice I will implement. I will apply this in my new website.

mukeshcreatiso (0)

Nice suggestion. I will try this on my recently created webpage

Kirit0 (34)

sad that u stopped blogging

CSharpIsGud (1046)

It requires some javascript, html alone is only a markup language and hence why it is called hypertext markup language(html)