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How to STOP automatic Poetry install
TheWhiteShadow (1)

How can I stop automatic poetry install? My package can not be installed via poetry so I'm instead doing pip install on .replit file. However, when I run my code, it automatically adds the package into poetry and gives me an error, which can be easily resolved is it doesn't automatically runs this commands!!!
python3 -m poetry init --no-interaction
python3 -m poetry add mask-predictor

TheArcherST (0)

pip uninstall poetry

But all packages will be need download in shell.


No, you can't do that. When you import something, it has to make those installations.

TheWhiteShadow (1)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Yes, it will if you have it installed previously. However, I found that Repl already has something for this.

OlauPla (160)

I don't think you can