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How to Emulate Roms with python.
Stickpuppet (0)

I want to emulate roms with python on replit (the rom file is in .bin format) I was wondering how would I code it and other things I would need to do. I prefer to program it with python for many reasons but if there is another language I should use please tell me how to do it. I am sorry if I am annoying/bugging you guys but I want to learn how to do it so I can do something big with it.

Zavexeon (1188)

This would be very challenging, but essentially you'd have to make a program that "operates" like whatever console you are emulating.

First you would need to understand how the console you are emulating works on a hardware level, and how games on it play.

Then, with a program, you replicate the console's hardware the best you can with whatever language you are using. You also have to get the console's BIOS to run on the emulator, otherwise nothing will work.

This is about as much as I know, though.

robowolf (435)

There are many different ways. Try learning about the OpenAI library, or the retro library. Both these libraries serve as emulators and have hands on ways to interact with games.