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How quickly do referrals work?
DillonB07 (11)

I bought my Hacker plan on a referral link.
How long will it take for the person I was referred from to get their free Hacker coupon?

poetaetoes (324)

They will get an email

DillonB07 (11)

@poetaetoes But how soon?
As it doesn't happen instantly. I've had hacker via the referral for over 2 hours and they haven't got an email (No, it isn't in spam)

poetaetoes (324)

@DillonB07 pretty sure it takes some time

DillonB07 (11)

@poetaetoes Thought it'd be done in over 3 hours.

DillonB07 (11)

@poetaetoes Been a day and it hasn't come through.
Is this normal?