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How overly ambitious would it be to create a social media site using's editor?
webmunchster (24)

So, I was thinking of trying to make a social media site using Repl's HTML editor, along with NodeJS and PHP (for the forms). Could someone tell me any possible bumps in the road?

Answered by Vandesm14 (2736) [earned 5 cycles]
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Vandesm14 (2736)

Possibly a DB or file issue could happen. The biggest roadblock would be Database usage. I suggest using instead of the local DB.
Other than that, it is totally possible! Good Luck!

Vandesm14 (2736)

@webmunchster BTW if you need help with the DB, just contact my anytime on Discord: @Vandesm14#3364
A great tool to manually send requests: (refer to for the API Endpoints)

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SelamSaikumar (0)

you need to write a lot of code and even a huge amount of data will be published in a social network so you need a large data storage so you better sign in into amazon s3 and automating amazon s3 for making a new folder for every user and the folder's limit must be 5gb

ash15khng (721)

It could work, but you may overload the servers?

webmunchster (24)

@ash15khng I am planning to host using a third party source, like GoDaddy.

paulfears (97)

Totally possible. Could try firebase to hold all the data.