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How open HTTP traffic

How open HTTPS traffic Help Me?


If you are asking how to make an https server on Replit:
Replit automatically serves an https alternative to your normal http server, so you don't need to make an actual https server, just make a normal http server.

If you are asking how to get your server load at all:
It is loading, it just takes forever, which isn't really anything to do with your code, that's just a Replit problem.


Btw: about that image you have... ignore that message you already have all that just reload the webpage a couple times or wait a couple minutes and it should be up.

also, if @SixBeeps already answered your question, then please mark him as the answerer so that no one else thinks the question is still open. @Highwayman


You need to host the app on HTTP using the http package. This is taken from my Node template that I use all the time.