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How many classes do I need?
erincornelison (0)

If I teach three periods of the same class/subject, do I need to make three teams or one team? Or is it just personal preference?

Coder100 (16759)

you need 3 teams. Each class contains different students, you don't want them all to be in the same classroom!

Think of a team as a classroom.

IntellectualGuy (648)

It's more of a personal preference, but If you're using teams for education, and are looking at the cost then I suggest not having 3 teams. Otherwise it's your choice.

IcynDevz (724)

You could make just one team. (and if you are using teams for education I really recommend to use just one because it cost money). But if you are just using a normal team (that doesn't cost money) it's just personal preference.