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How does pinging work?
CodingEssence (132)

This question randomly came to me, but how does the pinging system work in replit? (Not that I'm trying to steal your idea, I don't do JS)

Answered by Coder100 (18917) [earned 5 cycles]
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VulcanWM (2901)

idk how replit does it but in my social media website, i check each word to see if it starts with @, then I remove the @ from the word. If the word is a real user's username, I give them a notification

CodingEssence (132)

@VulcanWM I know how that works, but how does the ping actually go to the pinged persons notifications?

CodingEssence (132)

@Coder100 db as in database, right?

VulcanWM (2901)

Yeah as the the notifications are saved in a database replit can control @CodingEssence

IMayBeMe (548)

Pinging works almost identically to messaging. Each user should have a database key and when the code detects an @ it takes the target username and puts a notification under that database key.