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How do you say the name of this site?
bsimps3 (11)

repel it?

sound out all the letters? R-E-P-L-DOT-I-T?

timmy_i_chen (1188)

reh-pull-it :)

Or if you say it fast, just rep-lit

LightninMcQuade (41)

@timmy_i_chen I'm glad to have confirmation that I haven't been saying it wrong!

SamuelB1 (1)

Everyone I know says "rep - lit"

amasad (3537)

@SamuelB1 that's great. How many people fo you know that use it?

SamuelB1 (1)

@amasad Everyone in my programming class uses it which is probably around 100-120 people across all the classes.

JWFeldman (0)

I say ree-pulh-eye-tee-t

JoshDaBosh (82)

i myself, along with basically everyone at my school, pronounces it reh-plit. It's the most logical way to pronounce it, but hopefully one of the creators can answer it.
(Logical since repl+it makes the mentioned sound, and repl should be short for replication)

timmy_i_chen (1188)

@JoshDaBosh Fun fact, repl is an acronym for Read - Eval - Print - Loop - which is what the console part of your workspace does! It reads your input, evaluates it, prints the result, and starts over again. :)

bsimps3 (11)

answered my own question with this youtube link: