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How do you make a secure token
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How do you make a secure token to secure your email password?

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Hmm, I can give you general advice for creating a password.

You can create a password using different "chunks". Each chunk will be some sort of pattern or group of similar characters you create. One chunk may be characters, another might be numbers, etc. Here are some examples of some "chunks":

-Random sequence of numbers: 12425123, 4142352, 3918, etc.
-Random symbols: &@^(!, )_!}, !#@*!, etc
-Random word: inquire, salmon, scooter, etc
-First letter from each word in a phrase, for example the phrase "My car is a red Chevy" becomes MciarC.

So now mix and match these separate chunks to create a secure key. Here's an example.

1.) For my first chunk I'm going to go with the first letter of the phrase "My dad likes all kinds of music", giving me Mdlakom.
2.) For my second chunk I'm going with a random sequence of numbers, 7141.
3.) For my third chunk I'll use a random word, trolley.

4.) Put these all together and you get Mdlakom7141trolley.

For an even more secure password, use more chunks! The great thing about this is you can use any number of chunks in any order.

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You mean for Gmail? What platform are you talking about?

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yes for gmail