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How do you get nix to run a package?
Mathman05 (1)

I've been trying to get nix to work and I can't seem to get it working at all. anyone know how to get nix packages working?

SixBeeps (5225)

Does adding them to the dependencies list in the config not work?

Mathman05 (1)

@SixBeeps I don't know how to get anything working really, I tried adding it to one of the files and it just didn't help. although chances are I did it incorectly.

SixBeeps (5225)

@Mathman05 Definitely give the docs a read, they explain everything you need to know about Nix on Replit. You need to set up a config file with a list of packages which will get installed when you run the program.

Flyingcrabs (29)

side bar there is the package button click it and type your package then click the green install button and you installed it

Mathman05 (1)

@Flyingcrabs if I didn't say in the main post nix packages from this website