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How do you get cycles?
Carnage498 (58)

How do you get cycles. I just don't understand how.🤔🤔🤔

Answered by MatthewWesolows (35) [earned 5 cycles]
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MatthewWesolows (35)

You post a project that people like enough to click the green arrow next to the post, or you answer a question that someone had, and they click the green checkmark next to your reply. Don't beg for cycles though though, that will get you nowhere.

edit: I just realized that I should mention that it's also a bit of a luck game with cycles, you never know if people are gonna actually click on a project, or just skim over it.

As always, have fun coding :D !

Carnage498 (58)

I always thought they did something. Thx for the answer