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How do you get to work with Chromebooks?
MarkLeffler (1)

My students are trying to create HTML/CSS websites using Chromebooks the school provided to some of the students

. Unfortunately, the Loading message connected to the console window never connects or completes.

I don't have a Chromebook so I can't reproduce the problem, but three students have mentioned it.

There's a tutorial on creating as an app. One of the students says he tried it but it didn't help.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you.

tussiez (1435)

As @RYANTADIPARTHI said, this is a bug. I'm writing this on a Chromebook, and yes, this happens to me too. Report this to

Wilke000 (620)

I am on a Chromebook and it doesn't happen to me @tussiez, do you know why?

tussiez (1435)

@Wilke000 Then you are a lucky man :D

tussiez (1435)

@Wilke000 Then you are lucky! :D



that's probably a bug. Report this to bugs.

Coder100 (16800)

yeah, unfortunately all of those are just bugs. report them: