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How do you download a python file from and share it kind of as an EXE
DSAJagat20 (1)

Hi I code with python on the free version, and I want to know how to download one of my programs.

ch1ck3n (2077)

Well you can use pip install pysimplegui-exemaker into your windows machine. not but windows.
and after you install it run python -m pysimplegui-exemaker.pysimplegui-exemaker into your windows machine. not but windows. locate you python file and upload it. icons are not required but you can use it. click "make exe" and it will automatically generate it for you.

LukeWright (287)

you can use pyinstaller ( Press the checkmark next to my comment if you found this helpful!

LukeWright (287)

@IntellectualGuy wdym im not asking for cycles

LukeWright (287)

@IntellectualGuy I'm just asking him to mark it as correct if it answered his question so that there is no confusion as to if the question is already answered.

IntellectualGuy (825)

@LukeWright Ok, but one rule of thumb is to only ask for that if they have acknowledged that you have answered your question, and haven't marked your comment as the correct answer. Also you get 5 cycles for getting your answer marked as correct, so I just assumed you were cycle farming. Sorry

LukeWright (287)

When did I ever tell or ask anyone to upvote any of my comments / answers? @IntellectualGuy

LukeWright (287)

Also, I'm not cycle farming. people ask questions and I have some knowledge of python so I am willing to work with people extensively to answer their questions. @IntellectualGuy

DSAJagat20 (1)

@LukeWright I clicked on the link but I don't know what to do there