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How do you do statuses for bot's?
EchoRando (1)

How do you do custom statuses for bot's on Discord and making them play games, in Python if that makes sense

DaGuacaplushy (0)

async def on_ready():
activity = discord.Game(name="a game")
await bot.change_presence(, activity=activity)

if you want something like Playing a game (assuming your bot variable is named bot and your not using cogs, if you are using cogs just reply that your using cogs)

btfuss (178)

Well. If you know how to take input and print out stuff in your server, you know how to do games. You can make a status by creating a thread:
import threading
def status():
while True:
status = 'Good'
then google how to thread it (its different for different purposes)

btfuss (178)

@EchoRando well just set a string for the bots status, and then change it if you have to