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How do you add page borders?
pheonix20 (2)

Please may someone tell me how to add page borders.

Geocube101 (645)

Page borders?
Can you link the repl?

Geocube101 (645)

@pheonix20 I think I may have what you want. I've managed to create a page border (shown in blue) around the outside of your page. All styling code is in the style.css file which I have linked to your html code

pheonix20 (2)

@Geocube101 Oh thanks , I tried the template but it didnt work. It looks good :D.

theangryepicbanana (1702)

Please ask questions on the Ask board in the future. Learn is for tutorials

pheonix20 (2)

@theangryepicbanana well ok, but i need help, do u have any tips