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How do people get hacker by there profile
MohammedHussa22 (0)

Some members of the community have obtained a hacker role or sign and im just wondering how you could also obtain the hacker by your profile please help me :)

tussiez (1499)

It's a paid option for


You have to buy that. If you get hacker, you can have private repls, the tag, always repls, and lots of good stuff. Look at this link for more info.

Mrunank (63)

Its paid bro. You have to pay for it

BananaJellyfish (199)

its a paid for thing that allows you to do more things, like always-on repls

TheC0derGirl (215)

You can buy it as a plan here: It allows you to have hacker by your profile, private repls, offline repls, stuff like that. It's $7 a month.

X24 (28)

You have to buy it and if you refer people to the plan (while you have it), then you get it for free for a certain period of time.