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How do i link my 404 page?
Xenity (9)

I am working on a website ( and i have no clue how i can link my custom 404 page, i already have the file for it in html, and i tried using javascript. but no luck, anyone know how i can do it?

notGilbert (121)

You'll need a server, either with python or nodejs

Xenity (9)

@notGilbert I use UptimeRobot for hosting.. is there a way i can use that?

notGilbert (121)

@Xenity no,

which type of server software are you using? (like nodejs express, python flask, etc..)

if you're using node with express you can add this after all the handlers:

app.use(_, res => {

if you're using a HTML/CSS/JS repl, you'll need to a node/flask repl

Xenity (9)

@notGilbert hmm, i don't have a server of my own.. and i don't have the budget to make one..

notGilbert (121)

@Xenity you can host it on replit

by a server, I mean something that handles requests and routes them accordingly (like the Nodejs or Flask repl)