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How do i code
MargaretGilbert (5)

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and was wondering what to code first for a repl and if anyone wants to we can make a team and do a repl on the team or whatever cause ive been looking around and found the teams so please answer!

IntellectualGuy (691)

There are 3 languages that you should probably choose from

  • Python
  • Java

Python is more syntax friendly
Java is an object oriented programming language
HTML/CSS/JS are the 3 languages that are used to make websites and such.

All of these languages are beginner friendly so make sure to consider them as a first language.

Here are a few websites where there are tutorials for you to get started with.

W3 schools
Tutorials Point
Tutorials here on

Here are a few ideas for some projects that you could make

  • 2048
  • Text adventure game
  • A simulator (Business Simulator, etc.)
  • War game
  • Clicker games
  • An arcade game (Kind like Space Invaders or Pacman)
  • Uno
  • A replica of a board game
  • A game kind of like Plague.Inc where you have to try to make a disease to wipe the whole world out.
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • tetris
  • snake
  • apocalypse game
  • tycoon
  • Rock paper scissors, but with ASCII art
  • Making an ASCII art animation
  • battleship
xxpertHacker (861)


There are 3 languages that you should probably choose from

Proceeds to mention 5 languages

Of those 5 languages mentioned, only Python and Java are "beginner friendly."

IntellectualGuy (691)

@xxpertHacker HTML CSS and JS are very linked together and can technically be called one language, and how would you say that it's hard, I mean JavaScript is a bit harder, but I don't think HTML and CSS are very hard.

xxpertHacker (861)

First off, they are 100% remotely separate languages.

I've used CSS without HTML.
Why do you think that CSS has selectors like :root, if it's intended to always be used in HTML, where the root is always <html>!? It's specifically so that it could be used with other markup languages better.

JavaScript is used without CSS or HTML all the time, Deno, Elsa, and Node.js are all perfect examples of standalone JS runtimes without HTML or CSS, among others.

I never said that they were hard, but they sure as hell aren't beginner friendly.

For every single webpage that I've seen a beginner create, one of two things occur:
a) they ask others about why their site isn't working properly, and it is revealed that they didn't understand something in one of the 3 languages, or
b) the site is just left broken, bug-ridden, and unfinished

A large amount of time is wasted dealing with bugs that the languages make easy to make.

God, one can write this:

const x = 4;
x = 5;

and then come along and question why 4 was logged to the console, instead of 5.

Tell me that isn't the sign of a poor language, I dare you.

A large part of the problems with the 3 common web languages is that they are poorly taught (in part because the predecessors didn't understand the language either), or because of how sloppy the languages are.

Just this week, I saw this HTML written by someone who has known HTML for months, if not longer than a year:


Tell me, what DOM structure does that generate?
If you get it right, good for you! If not, you've been hit by how inconsistent HTML is ;)

At least Python and Java have the decency to throw errors for when you do something wrong.

2plus2is4hoi (94)

Some first project ideas:

  • Make a little game where you process yes or no inputs to create scenarios; a text based rpg in a nutshell
  • You could also create a calculator; you could just ask for statements and use your math knowledge :D

You could literally

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