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How do i check who is shared with my repl?

I wanna check who i've shared this with incase of fraud! long story


Explain long story?
You can see manual shares in the Invite tab and share link uses in your notifications


@Grify So im in school and im one of the people come to get help, especially today since today is the last day for our last project of the 9 weeks. A person ,who I will call Jake, asked me and it being the first time he asks I went ahead and helped him. The teacher called on me to help grade some papers and I agreed and went to pick up the papers to grade when I believe he either shared the link with himself or just typed in the link, I think this because when I came back my entire code was highlighted, as if you were coping, and it really confused me but I didn't pay much attention to it. I think my real question should have been how to check who has viewed my code. P.S i deleted my code so nobody else from my class could copy from the same repl even though its probably futile. its on a different repl now.

Thanks for the help.


@PhillipErickson Public repls are public, he could have visited your repl, forked/copy pasted, and you have no way of knowing /: I use private repls for assignments when possible for this reason.


@Grify alright thanks, I just wish I could it costs money and that's something neither I or the school has. but seriously thank you.


@PhillipErickson With GitHub student package you get hacker plan free