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How do Ports Work in repl?
realTronsi (906)

How do ports work in repl? The other day I tried forking one of my applications into repl for some testing purposes, but ports don't seem to work the same way.

const ws = new Websocket("wss://")

Putting something like that wouldn't work, and I'm not sure if repl presets a port or has some other API I'm unaware about.

ironblockhd (425)

Replit uses a proxy that forces anything on port 80 and only supports tcp, specify port 80 instead of 3000 in the client side

Coder100 (16989)

Simply put, if your local project had: localhost:8080
In it becomes: [yourrepl].[yourname].[repl].[co]

If you had:, you will need to change the IP to

Then: [yourrepl].[yourname].[repl].[co]

realTronsi (906)

@Coder100 So there's no need for a port specification in repl?[yourrepl].[yourname].[repl].[co]