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How do I use cloud?
DamianKolb (4)

I want to have a cloud variable on this emoji generator tell me the 3 most popular emojis that have been generated, but I don't know how to in python. help?

Coder100 (18057)

we use a database in the programming world.

Kookiez (405)

cloud? from what i hear, you're a scratcher, aren't you? i think it's called global variable or something.

DamianKolb (4)

@Kookiez Yes, Scratch has cloud variables. I am on Scratch, and use them here and there. I was asking about python though, but thanks!

Kookiez (405)

@DamianKolb i think you should use a database.

Kookiez (405)

@DamianKolb i have no experience, maybe try searching it, or use db. try searching that.