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How do I upload a folder containing a website I made from scratch to a repl?
GalaxyWolfX (77)

I recently made a fake restaurant website from scratch for school. I made 100% on it, and the instructor said I did very well on creating it. So I thought I would get your opinions on it. I just need to know how to translate it from a folder to a repl.

EDIT: I have already gotten the folder in the repl, but it will not run correctly. How do I organise parent-child-grandchild folders correctly?

Bookie0 (6267)

Can you link your repl? Also, if the project is a .zip file, you can just download it, then upload it to a repl.

It will appear in a folder like so (The name of the folder is the name of the project that you downloaded):

Next when you open it, you should have the whole directory of your files, in the correct way:

To make it run properly, you can just replace the index.html, style.css, and script.js files with the ones you already have. For this, drag one of the files into the main directory, out of the folder it came out of:

Then press overwrite, which will automatically replace the empty files with the files from your project.

Is this what you wanted?
Let me know!

Good luck! :D

MikeJMS8910 (160)

Yes like Coder100 said you can just drag and drop files in the panel on the right side

Coder100 (18123)

You can just drag and drop the folder.

xxpertHacker (930)

At the top-left, there's a button for uploading files and folders, click it.

I shouldn't need to say anything from there, good luck.

GalaxyWolfX (77)

I have already done this, but I am having trouble organising the files in a way that when I run it, it will work.

xxpertHacker (930)

@GalaxyWolfX Just re-organize it into the structure that it was in, prior to moving it to Repl?

Make sure that all links refer to valid files.

And maybe link the Repl into the post?