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How do I update the version of node?
PJM411 (2)

When I try to run my repl it says:

Your node version is currently 12.22.1
Please update it to a version >= 14.x.x from

xfinnbar (83)

Replit node version scheme:

Bash repls = 1.14 (Template:
Node repls = 1.12
TypeScript repls = 1.10

Highwayman (1483)

I think there's a way to download the latest version like an npm package...? I forget who figured it out....

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

I believe you can't through the console. Possibly through the shell though.

InvisibleOne (2996)

Unless I'm wrong, I don't think you can update node.js on a repl, well maybe you might be able to with the shell.