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How do I test code I am changing without taking it live - Discord bot in Python
GermanScot (5)

Hello everyone,

I have written a Discord level calculator bot for a popular game, and it is being used on three servers so far. I am now adding a feature to it in a branch, but I don't see any way to test what I am working on without taking it live, or creating another beta repl.

Does anyone have any tips for me?

Thanks in advance,

Answered by VulcanWM (2756) [earned 5 cycles]
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VulcanWM (2756)

You can make a beta bot and then when you are sure the update works you can update it onto the main bot code

GermanScot (5)

@VulcanWM Okay, I was hoping there was a cleverer way to do this, but I have now done this, thanks.

VulcanWM (2756)

np mark the comment as the answer pls @GermanScot