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How do I show the client console without opening devtools?
GabeOLeary (0)

I'm building a little react application and I'd like to be able to see the client console while coding without having to open the chrome dev tools.

I can only see the build console there a way to change that so I can view the client console output without devtools?

Coder100 (18915)

No, the client console -- aka the dev tools are only provided by your browser and thus only available when you visit and open it.

GabeOLeary (0)

@Coder100 I see, it would be awesome if it were piped into a tab of the bottom right panel...the Vite output really isn't very useful while I'm developing my app.

Coder100 (18915)

yeah, but its always important to have the terminal that you would normally use to run the vite app.

Also, I believe such dev tool awesomeness will require hacking into the browser itself, a potential security vulnerability @GabeOLeary

Coder100 (18915)

maybe a replit browser extension would be nice! @GabeOLeary

GabeOLeary (0)

Definitely not proposing removing the Vite console, just adding another tab.

What I'm asking for is exactly what JSFiddle does: