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How do I share terminal/run output in Multiplayer?
tlau (0)

I thought the terminal is shared in Multiplayer?

However, if I do some commands, in my version of the repl, the other users do not see the same console in the shared repl. Also, the run output seems to be per user too, however, I want everyone to see the output when I click run.

Is this by design?

Answered by PattanAhmed (1397) [earned 5 cycles]
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tlau (0)
PattanAhmed (1397)

@tlau Hi,
Yes, it's by design...

However, this is a good feature...
Suggest it in the Feedback Board and I will upvote you there.
Hopefully, they may accept your wish.

That's it you can try
Thanks for reaching out here!

Hope this helps

tlau (0)

@PattanAhmed Thanks, do you know of any other service which provides shared terminal and output?

PattanAhmed (1397)

@tlau Welcome!
Happy to help you!

I am like, unsure about online IDE's.
But I think you can do on Local IDE's like Visual Studio Code or etc.

Sorry to say, I have only this much knowledge on my own :(

PattanAhmed (1397)

@CodeLongAndPros Thanks!
But where is the word Vim?


CodeLongAndPros (1591)

1. It's Visual Studio Code

Virtual Studio Code

  1. Vim is better then VSCode.
Coder100 (17018)

Yeah, that is by design.

tlau (0)

@Coder100 Thanks, do you know of any other service which provides shared terminal and output?

Coder100 (17018)

Ohh, well, any service that has that should not be used, it will open up a security hole @tlau

Coder100 (17018)

@tlau currently's evaluation machine makes it so only owners can run the repl, because non-owners could be malicious and steal .env file contents.

natyconnor (0)

@tlau I know this is old, but I've been needing this too, and jsfiddle does it when collaborating. Other users can see updates in the console when code is run. I really would like this for as it would be really useful for teaching

Coder100 (17018)

@natyconnor apparently if you invite them to your repl they see your output too!

It's pretty cool

natyconnor (0)

@Coder100 Hmm I just tried it again and it doesn't work. I invited someone to my repl, and tried running commands in the console, and they did not see any of the output. All they see is code being changed and other peoples' cursors. They have to hit the Run button themselves to see anything show up, nor can they see others typing in the console. In jsfiddle however, when others run something in the console you can see it which is useful for teaching

wh0 (7)

Have them go to

They can't type there though.