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How do I search through the folder user to find the right user save?
jnrchewie (3)

i want to make a save system that creates a file for each player with there save in the folder user. So how do i make it so that the load_save void seaches through the folder and finds the correct save?

Answered by epicman702 (506) [earned 5 cycles]
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epicman702 (506)

I think instead of using a folder, you should use one file that stores all the info with a split like - per user and / per item in the save

just a suggestion

jnrchewie (3)

@epicman702 i thought about that but I felt that was harder than putting each save in one folder.

jnrchewie (3)

@jnrchewie i figured it out so epicman702 is going to get the answer

xxpertHacker (935)

What specific problem(s) are you struggling with?