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How do I run a file using .replit

So I have a .replit file and it looks like this:

Now I also have a main.cpp file. So I was wondering, is there a way in which I can run the main.cpp file using the run thingy? For example can I do something like this:

Or is that just not how things work...?

Answered by SPQR [earned 5 cycles]
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the .replit file runs a bash command, like Codemonkey51 said. It's effectively a command for a Linux terminal (in this case, Ubuntu.)

If you want to run multiple commands at once, make a .bash file and set the command in the .replit file to run the file (i.e. bash main.bash)

A very basic example of what to write in the bash file could be this:

Line 1 compiles all the .cpp files in your base directory (if you want to include all files 1 folder deep, try replacing *.cpp with *.cpp */*.cpp, might be a better way of accomplishing this but I'm not sure) using the c++2a standard (which is the newest version of C++, you could use c++17 or c++14 etc instead)
Line 2 makes the main compiled program accessible
Line 3 executes the compiled program

I would honestly suggest excluding the .replit file altogether unless absolutely necessary until you understand bash at least a little bit. It's not super complex, though, and overall I think it's worth it to learn, especially if you plan on using replit a lot.


Here check this out idk if it’s gonna help tho but you can try...


I think it's:
run = "cpp main.cpp"


So the .replit file run uses a bash command so use what command you would use to run it