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How do I redeem the free Hacker Plan from referrals? [Fixed!!]
tussiez (1669)

I believe @Baconman321 got Hacker Plan and referred me (yay!) but I can't seem to redeem the referral rewards. How exactly do I do this?

The Redeem button doesn't work :/


I posted this on, and it's been fixed :> yay!
@Baconman321 ping hehe

Coder100 (18209)

you have 0 days available lmao

read closely thanks

get got

Coder100 (18209)

you don't have any hacker plan days available @tussiez

tussiez (1669)

@Coder100 Strange. What does the "Earned" mean than?

Coder100 (18209)

the hacker plan days you have used @tussiez

tussiez (1669)

@Coder100 Never used em tho.. very strange.

Coder100 (18209)

too bad :(

well then buy hacker youreslf @tussiez


maybe it's a bug. report it

but, you can try to refresh too.

Baconman321 (1097)

@tussiez Sortacraft? (I pinged but I guess it got lost)

tussiez (1669)

@Baconman321 In a meeting.. gimme a sec

Baconman321 (1097)

P r e s s y b u t t o n n o w o r k e y s o p r e s s y g o n o - n o