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How do I ping moderators? (moderation)
tussiez (1669)

As the title says, how exactly do I ping moderators?
Does (@)moderators work or do I need to ping individual people?


Use [@]moderation

Answered by SixBeeps (5235) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5235)

pinging @​moderators does work.

tussiez (1669)

@SixBeeps Thanks! I wasn't sure if [@]moderators works

Pankak (48)

@SixBeeps did they fix it? Cactus told me a few weeks ago @ moderation doesn't work

tussiez (1669)

@Pankak Yeah, this is why I asked

Bookie0 (6311)

@moderation :)

there are also some mods, like @CodingCactus, @DartZII, or @Vandesm14

SixBeeps (5235)

@tussiez oh yeah it's moderation not moderators

Pankak (48)

@tussiez hmm yeah "moderation doesn't work yet"