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How do I make a menu in python?
jimeastman (18)

How do I make a menu in python without tkinter? I try combining html and python to no avail.

Answered by amaddentcsec (239) [earned 5 cycles]
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amaddentcsec (239)

Tkinter is NOT the only way to make a menu. You can also make a FLASK python repl (which can connect to html), a TURTLE python repl, or a PYGAME python repl. If you do not know how to code in these, simply watch some tutorials!

jimeastman (18)

What the heck is a cycle? I clicked on an answer and @amaddentcsec got 5 cycles.

Codejira (173)

I made a menu the other day. Console only.
See for inspiration.

PattanAhmed (1404)

@jimeastman Hi,
Here is just an example and it is just incomplete :):-
You can try to edit the code on how much flexibility you want.

students = []
ans = True
while ans:
    print ("""
    1.Add a Student
    2.Delete a Student
    3.Look Up Student Record
    ans=input("What would you like to do? ") 
    if ans=="1": 
      student_name = input('Please input a student\'s name: ')
      print("\n Student Added")
    elif ans=="2":
      print("\n Student Deleted") 
    elif ans=="3":
      print("\n Student Record Found") 
    elif ans=="4":
      print("\n Goodbye") 
    elif ans !="":
      print("\n Not Valid Choice Try again") 

Some help was taken from this website

Try and tell me the results.

That's it

Hope this helps

PattanAhmed (1404)

@jimeastman Welcome!
Happy to help you!

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Coder100 (18125)

well HTML isn't going to work well with python...

Anyways, what are you trying to do?

jimeastman (18)

@Coder100 For an assignment for a class I am taking, I have to create a menu of options and based on what menu item a user clicks, it asks them certain questions that they must answer and then gives data based on their answers. I am trying to make a button menu but the Python IDLE that I am required to use does not support tkinter.