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How do I increase the font size in the console?
PatriciaSamora (34)

I was able to change the font size in the code editor (awesome!) using settings. How do I change the font size in the console where the result displays?

jm3 (1)

Would love to see this… just like I would love to see my console — but the font is too small 😖

drjasonharrison (1)

I want to be able to change the console to a horizontally and vertically square mono-spaced font, this might be achievable by setting the horizontal font spacing.

katyadee (1286)

Hey Patricia, right now you can only increase the font size in the editor.

PatriciaSamora (34)

@KatyaDelaney Rats. I found some code that will change the font color. Was hoping something similar existed for font size. Thanks for letting me know!

kmrnr1987 (0) team console should have option to increase which is a life saver. font size is too small and not scalable, very bad to see this

faraidoon123 (0)

if they do not add this option then its better to install pycharm or vscode etc