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How do I import an image into html
MatthewX (168)

I tried downloading the image and putting in a Url but still the image isnt showing up. Pls help

Answered by DungeonMaster00 (189) [earned 5 cycles]
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DungeonMaster00 (189)

Also, you have to copy the image location when importing an image.

You can right-click and then select copy image location\address and then put it as the src

Coder100 (18902)

Hi! It's not link it's src. Next time you should probably refresh your HTML

<img src="" alt = "pikachu">
PattanAhmed (1412)

@MatthewX Hi Matthew,
On line 11 your code is like this:-

<img link="" alt = "pikachu">

You should type src not link there...
Your code should look this:-

<img src="" alt = "pikachu">

Hope this helps
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MatthewX (168)

@PattanAhmed I tried using src too, but for some reason the image isn't showing up.

PattanAhmed (1412)

@MatthewX Sad to Say, Sorry,
You can't do it for Google Images, but you can follow these websites below to do so:-
Check this website
Check this too

For Alternate, You can upload an image that is stored on your device only when it is stored as .jpg (if you don't know how to upload, then comment me below I will give you the steps) file by uploading it as a file and you can try importing that file to your existing running file...
If the two methods also failed, then Sorry to say, we can't do anything

Hope this helps
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octopyBot (264)

it's img src and then the photo link, but the second link not the first.

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