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How do I get this github project on a repl hosting website?
CodingEpic (20)

I am trying to get this github project onto a repl project but when importing it from github it wont work because it recommends changing the language to rust but when I do that it doesn't open a HTTP port and it doesn't work
Please help,

Answered by SixBeeps (5346) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5346)

Neither 64-bit nor PAE kernels are supported

That might be an issue, Replit runs on 64-bit Linux

CodingEpic (20)

@SixBeeps So then how do I get it to work?

CodingEpic (20)

@EpicCoding1 Because this guy has this site hosted on repl with the same kind of stuff and its 86

SixBeeps (5346)

@EpicCoding1 Oh huh, I guess that's talking about the actual VM itself. If you can, try hosting on if that's something you can configure it to do. Otherwise, I'm not sure.