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How do I get my repl to get indexed by google
abdelhamidAbual (1)

I have found a few good REPLS that way, and I want to know how you can get your repl to get indexed by google, does it index by itself?

Coder100 (17091)

The easiest way to get your repl noticed if it is linked by something that is linked by something that ...

Simply put, if you post your repl on to share or something, the crawler is able to see that your repl exists!


if you search them up, it will. Automatically. It's just like that

ryanbrwr (33)

It most likely depends on how many upvotes / backlinks your replit has. I don't think that there's anything that you can do in this specific case to index your repls

SixBeeps (5061)

Looks like it automatically gets indexed

abdelhamidAbual (1)

@SixBeeps WHAT, how!? My other repls are months old and didn't get indexed. Oh well, at least my best one got indexed.